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Fall Is The Best Time To Buy A House

buying a homeSpring and summer has long been considered as the best time for buying a home. Meanwhile, the other seasons, like fall, gets tossed aside. Some home buyers think that fall is more about Halloween and turkey dinners and less about house hunting. But contrary to what people think, fall is not only a great time to purchase a house, but it might just be the perfect season to look for your dream home.

Find Affordable Houses

When days turn crisp, the real estate market clears out, just like a beach following Labor Day. Many summer buyers have already found their dream home and that means, fall buyers will encounter less competition for the houses that are currently available in the market. A lot of people drops out of the market until after the New Year, which means fall buyers have more space to roam when visiting open houses. Although there might not be as many homes to choose from, you can still reap big rewards with a bit of patience and perseverance.

Worn Out Home Sellers

Sellers who have put up their homes in the market in fall are people who need to really need to sell their properties. This can serve as a leverage for the buyer when negotiating for a better price. In case you have had your eyes fixed on a certain property all summer, you are going to be in the driver’s seat as far as coming up with an offer that the seller won’t be able to refuse. The buyer will have more negotiating power for a house that’s been sitting on the market for a long time.

The Holidays are Near

Most home sellers are worn out following the summer selling season and they are likewise caught between a hard place and a real estate rock as the holidays come closer. In case they would like to move and settle down just in time to host Thanksgiving and set up their Christmas lights, they need to close, as soon as possible. So when buying a home in Myrtle Beach, be sure to use this pre-holiday period to your advantage by offering to assist them in vacating the place if they give you a good deal.

Year-End Tax Credits

Nobody wants to purchase a house for the sake of making their accountant happy. However, there is a sweet extra incentive too that makes the perfect time to purchase a house when it is almost the end of the fiscal year. On April 15 next year, you may get tax deductions including property tax, closing costs, and even mortgage interest to offset your taxable earnings.

More Quality Time With Your Real Estate Team

As the year comes to a close, less number of buyers mean you will have the full attention of your real estate lawyer, mortgage broker, real estate agent, and all the others who are part of your house hunting team. You will have the time to ask all the questions you might have regarding earnest money, title transfers, due diligence, and more.

Home Improvement Bargains

When you close on that house you found in the fall, you might want to upgrade your appliances. Fortunately, December is when big appliances, like stoves dryers, washers, and refrigerators, are at their cheapest. You will also find good deal on TVs and cookware.

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How To Get The Best Deal On A Model Home

model home

Purchasing a model home is a bit like buying a vehicle that’s been used only for test drives. We all know that the dealer will offer that car at a discount. Builders will usually provide discount the cost on a model home, as well, even though nobody has ever lived in the house. There are several approaches you can take if you want to make sure that you get the best deal on the model home.

Check All The Model Homes For Sale If Possible

Builders usually sell off homes well before they are built according to the layout and appearance of the model home. It is sensible that they want the model to appear beautifully so they will spare little expense when it comes to decorating it. Many Myrtle Beach model homes include designer paint, free upgrades, as well as designer window coverings. Be sure to check them all out and then choose the model that has the best location, upgrades, and layout.

Hire Your Own Agent

When you are going to the office of a new home sale, be sure to bring your buyer’s agent from Full Potential Real Estate, LLC with you. There are some builders who do not allow your agent to represent you in case you come in unescorted the first time around. Most buyers do not even recall signing anything – and that is how smooth the representatives are at their sales offices. The sales agents of the builders is tasked to be the representative of the builder regardless of what they may tell you. Some of them will use tactics that will pressure you to sign a contract. Your buyer’s agent will represent you. He will be your fiduciary and obligated to look out for your interests. He has a responsibility to disclose all the good things and also the bad things about the deal.

Ask If Anybody Has Occupied The Model Home

This question does not necessarily mean that somebody has actually lived in the model home. Perhaps it was used as a sales office. Don’t forget to ask how long. Even though it is unlikely that the kitchen appliances have been overused, don’t be surprised if the bathroom fixtures are not in tip-top shape. All these details can be used to negotiate a lesser price for the model home.

Check The Comparable Sales

Your buyer’s agent will not be able to get comparable sales from MLS if the builder does not list there, and a lot of them don’t. However, you can still get the data from a title company. You might not be able to know which houses have been sold with what upgrades. The promoted sales price will mean very little. Check how many deeds have been mailed to the property address. How many were mailed on other addresses? This could imply that a few of the homes may owned by some investors, who are usually the first ones who will bail once the market plummets, and one of the reason you are purchasing in a new subdivision is to be close to other buyers who are similar to you and not by tenants.

Get Legal Advice Before Signing A Purchase Contract

You need to hire a real estate lawyer who can review your purchase contract before signing it. Standard purchase agreements exist to prevent people from getting sued however the language used on these agreements do not necessarily protect the homebuyer. Many of these contracts, which can run up to 100 pages, focus on protecting the builder.

Think Of Using Your Own Lender

Builders usually want to work with their own lender because they will keep them informed of your progress. It works something like a one-stop shopping on the builder’s part. However, that lender may not be able to give you the best interest rate or loan. Apart from that, the builder may even own the lending company.

Hire A Home Inspector

You should also hire a qualified and reputable inspector – this should not be anybody within the family or circle of friends. You have to get a real inspector. Be there when the inspection is conducted and be sure to ask all the questions that are running in your head. Defects are not only for old homes, even new ones can have them. Construction workers are humans and they can make mistakes.

Check The Reputation Of The Builder

When a buyer has had a very bad experience with a builder, that will spread like wildfire throughout a community. However, you will not know if that bad reputation is just an isolated experience or maybe the builder has a history of poor service. Whatever it is, be sure to check and of course, verify public records for any lawsuit.

Negotiate The Price

Leaving the furnishings in the model home is a standard practice. The artwork on the walls, the furniture, and things like that remain in the house – if you ask them to be there. You should let them know that you want to keep them without any consideration as well as without warranty when you are putting these things into the purchase contract. You must never be intimidated if the builder’s agent says the price is firm because it is rarely firm. You must learn how to negotiate home prices from a place of strength. Talk to your real estate agent, ask for recommendations.

Try To Purchase The Last Model Home

Watch out of closeout sales because in most cases they come with the best deals. You don’t have to worry that future home sales will carry lower prices. So, if possible, go for the last model home.

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Questions To Ask Before Buying A Home In A Hurricane Prone Area

buying a home

Several homebuyers are drawn to the distinctive culture possessed by beach towns. But what if the beach town where you are considering buying a home you like is also a hurricane zone? Your home will definitely be at higher risk of getting seriously damaged. So how will you know if the property that’s located in a hurricane zone, is worth buying? Here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself.

How much will you pay for insurance?

Whether a hurricane hits or not, you have to pay for insurance. Insurance rates run the gamut. According to the numbers provided by the Insurance Information Institute, in 2012, Idaho had the lowest premiums at $528 while Florida had the highest at about $2,084 per year. What does this mean? Before you begin searching for a house, talk to an insurance agent first. Although it may seem as if you are doing this backward, meeting with an insurance agent will give you an estimate of the insurance cost you need to cover every year.

Should I Buy A Property On The Beach Or A Few Blocks Away?

The location of the property that you wish to purchase will have a significant impact on your risk and premiums, even if you go with a house that is located just a couple of miles inland. It will all be based on the flood hazard locations defined by the National Flood Insurance Program’s Flood Insurance Rate Map. The spots that were considered as Special Flood Hazard Areas are places with the highest risk. They have a minimum of 1 out of 4 chance of flooding throughout a 30-year mortgage.

Keep in mind that you do not need to be close to the water to be considered in a flood hazard area, like the communities in Oklahoma and central Texas. So if you are house hunting together with your Myrtle Beach real estate agent, you need to take into account where each property falls on the map and their flood zone designation.

What Kind Of House Should You Buy?

According to the experts from Full Potential Real Estate, the house type you wish to purchase will also make a big difference since there are a few homes that were made to specifically stand up against hurricanes. Some of these houses are dome-shaped, which lessens the wind damage, while a few are built on stilts to lower risks of flooding. These houses might also obtain a much better rating from your chosen insurance company.

Don’t forget to ask your real estate agent to show you all the houses that were designed to withstand wind and water or if you prefer a conventional home, be sure to hire a reputable home inspector who can help set realistic expectations regarding the home’s capability to withstand a hurricane before you make an offer.

You may have lower insurance costs if the house you wish to purchase was built to code and can stand up against any hurricane or storm. In case the house is not up to code, you need to work with a contractor who can make improvements on the property. However, don’t forget to calculate the costs before you make any commitment. In case the insurance savings are not bigger compared to the cost to remodel, then the house may not be worth it.

In Case Damages Do Not Happen, What Will Be My Deductible?

Regardless of where you live, your homeowner’s policy will cover hurricanes. However, these policies are different depending on your financial responsibility in case you need to file a claim that is hurricane related. Although you might not be able to get yourself out of a hurricane deductible, you can still manage to cut costs by shopping around. Insurance companies offer different costs so be sure to obtain a minimum of three estimates before you finally choose a carrier.

Should I Also Have Flood Insurance?

You need more than a regular homeowner’s insurance if you live in a coastal region. Generally speaking, damages associated with high powered winds of tropical storms and hurricanes are covered by homeowners insurance. However, it does not include one major problem, flooding. You need to keep yourself protected by getting a flood policy. It will be issued by the National Flood Insurance Program. The policy will cover property damages if the toppled levees, as well as the heavy rains, have caused flooding to your house. Ask the insurance agent to explain everything about your insurance in detail. Be sure to ask questions if there is anything that you do not understand. If you don’t want to have any regrets, be sure to get a flood insurance.

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A Thorough Inspection Of Homes For Sale In Myrtle Beach

homes for sale in Myrtle Beach

When checking out homes for sale in Myrtle Beach, it is normal for homebuyers to do a basic inspection on the house. During this overall walk through, the homebuyer will decide whether or not to pursue with the purchase. If he likes what he sees, he will make an offer and when the seller accepts, it is now time to bring in a professional inspector to conduct a thorough look at all the corners of the house.

If you are considering buying a house and are currently looking at homes for sale in Myrtle Beach, here are some important things you may want to keep in mind when having the house you chose to buy professionally inspected.

1. Tag along in the inspection. You should consider coming along with the professional inspector as he goes through the house. Keep in mind, however, that you are there more for the reason of increasing your knowledge about the house and not for continuously pointing out everything you see. You may want to bring a notepad so you can take down notes and reminders from the inspector. Part of the inspection process is checking out the efficiency of all systems and the inspector may want to share with you some tips on how to maintain and take care of these systems.

2. Take note of the necessary repairs. As you go through homes for sale Myrtle Beach, the inspector will point out the areas that need repairs. Note them down as well as the type of repair needed and when it should be repaired. Keep in mind that there are repairs that can be postponed until you have settled in the house and there are repairs that are needed to be done as soon as possible. Discuss these immediate repairs with the seller and negotiate how you both will pay for the costs. It is also recommended to hire a real estate agent from Full Potential Real Estate. It’s always a good thing to have a professional by your side who can help you with all these concerns.

3. Confirm the age of the roof. Some homes for sale in Myrtle Beach have an older roof. If the inspector cannot be certain about the age of the roof, you should confirm with the owner or seller of the house. It is critical that you know this information as this will serve as your guide on when to have the roofing replaced. On the other hand, if the roof shows several signs of wear and tear, it might be a good idea to have it replaced now than wait until the end of its lifespan.

4. Check the energy efficiency of the HVAC system. You want an HVAC system that is still good as new. If possible, it should only be a couple of years old so you can maximize its benefits. Otherwise, you will have to replace it soon. If the HVAC system is still new, make sure it is energy efficient so you will not have to pay high utility bills at the end of every month. If not, you should include replacing the HVAC system in your list of to-do’s for when you have moved in.

5. Plumbing pipes should be copper and not galvanized. Another important aspect of home inspection is checking the plumbing system. Remember that the standard and requirement for plumbing pipes today is that it should be copper. If you find that the pipes in the house are still galvanized, consider having this replaced before moving in.

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Buyer’s Agent: Your Trusted Guide To Buying Your Dream Home

Real Estate Myrtle BeachAre you prepared to go house hunting? You will be dealing with a lot of things like taking care of the paperwork, competing with other buyers, and dealing with other challenges that may come your way. So you need to be ready if you want to get your hands on the keys to the house of your dreams. The whole process can be stressful and quite complex and that is why hiring a professional can make a huge difference. You might have heard about listing agents, seller’s agents, buyer’s agents, and so on. You are a buyer so you need a buyer’s agent who can help you in every step of the way. Buyer’s agents can also save home buyers tons of cash and time as they go on their way to homeownership.

Why Hire A Buyer’s Agent?

A buyer’s agent Myrtle Beach can guide you all throughout the home purchasing transaction and they will address all of your concerns or questions. Hiring them offers other advantages like:

Finding the right property – after figuring out what clients are searching for and what their budget is, the agent will then set up an appointment to tour houses that fit their needs and preferences. The agent will also explain everything about the many different properties and neighborhoods to assist buyers to decide which house is the best for them by letting them know about the benefits and disadvantages of different options.

Negotiating the offer – the buyer’s agent will also inform their clients about the most suitable price to offer and present to the seller’s agent. The agent will then negotiate on behalf of their clients as well as write up the needed contracts. In this aspect, the experience of the buyer’s agent when it comes to negotiating deals can help save money and prevent buyers from coming across potentially expensive and irreversible mistakes.

Recommending other professionals – a buyer’s agent from Full Potential Real Estate will also refer clients to reputable real estate lawyers, mortgage brokers, movers, home inspectors, and so on. This could also be helpful when it comes to expediting every step of the home buying process and guide you through a successful home sell quickly.

Helping in overcoming setbacks – In case new issues are brought to life after a home inspection or an appraisal, your buyer’s agent will offer recommendations as to how you should proceed. The agent will also act as a buffer between the seller or the seller’s agent and you, the buyer. In case negotiations turn hostile, it is very helpful to have an experienced buyer’s agent who can stay calm and offer effective solutions.

If you wish to ease your way to homeownership, you need to have a good buyer’s agent. Hiring a bad one can easily turn your house hunting experience into a nightmare. Don’t just choose any buyer’s agent. You need to interview at least three buyer’s agent and don’t forget to ask questions. These questions include: What kind of neighborhoods they specialize? What are their availability and schedule? How long have you been in working in the real estate industry? These questions will help you choose a reliable and reputable buyer’s agent Myrtle Beach who can help you buy your dream home.

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Home Buying Myrtle Beach

6 Mistakes In A Seller’s Market You Need To Avoid

Home Buying Myrtle BeachIf you are searching for a home in a seller’s market, you must have a plan set in place so you don’t make mistakes. The real estate market usually fluctuates, which makes it hard to predict if the market will favor sellers or buyers whenever it is your turn to purchase. Buyers who are in a seller’s market can get whatever it is they want. However, they should be decisive and they have to perform to the very best of their ability. Provided below are six mistakes you need to know and some tips to help you avoid them and that includes hiring a reliable real estate agent.

Failing To Make The Best Offer

We are all motivated to purchase whatever we want for the cheapest price possible. So, even though buyers can see the listing price of a house, they will continue to wonder how much they can get the house for. One reasonable approach is to make your offer less than the asking price. You can do this especially if the house is overpriced if you compare it with similar homes that are also for sale within the same area, or when it is a buyer’s market with a lot of available inventory. However, getting a deal in a seller’s market may not be the best method. According to David Dubin, a broker in New York, numerous buyers don’t step up with a good and strong offer in a buyer’s market. There is fierce competition and there is low inventory and that is why buyers must be able to start off with a strong opening offer.

Over Analyzing The Purchase Cost

Buying a home base on impulse should be avoided at all cost. In line with that, it is also important for you to remember that it is ill-advised to over analyze the purchase price  when in a seller’s market. If you wait too long, you will be at risk of losing the property that you like. Once you have identified the kind of  home you want, the location, how much you can afford, and meets your requirements, never hold off in making an offer. To provide yourself with much more leverage you have to be prepared to move quickly by making sure that your finances are in order. Additionally, don’t forget to get a preapproval. You should know how much you can really afford, fix any credit problems, have your down payment ready, and postpone other big purchases.

Hiring An Inexperienced Agent

Buyers who are in a seller’s market need all the help they can find. In case you are working with a seasoned real estate agent from Full Potential Real Estate, you will have higher chances of buying the home that you love. In most cases, the sellers and not the buyer will pay the real estate agent. If you are competing against other purchased in a busy market, you need to be ready with your offer. Hiring a real estate professional will save you a lot of stress and time because they know very well the ins and outs of the procedures in the real estate sector. The real estate agent Myrtle Beach will also give you excellent insight about upcoming inventory.

Not Being Prequalified or Pre-Approved For A Loan

You may know that you will be approved for a loan thanks to your steady income, high credit score, and low debt to income ratio. However, the seller does not know that. One great way to prove to the seller that you are a qualified buyer is to make sure that you get prequalified or preapproved from a lender. Prequalification is important. You won’t have any advantage if you do not have the money to buy without a mortgage and have not taken time to talk to a lender. If you don’t get prequalified, you are telling the seller that you are not serious with your house hunting.

Prequalification is like telling your lender your financial story. The pre-approval process involves the submission of a mortgage application along with verifying documents. Getting pre-approved by a reputable lender is paramount. This will show the seller that the buyer has started whatever it is that needs to be done so they can buy the property they love.

Being Unprepared For A Bidding War

Most of the time, a bidding war is imminent during a seller’s market. Buyers usually do not want to be involved in this kind of battle because of their fear that they might go beyond their budget. But there is a way to deal with this and that is by setting your search below your maximum budget so there is room just in case an over asking bidding war happens when buying a home.

Not Learning From Your Mistakes

You should not be ashamed if your offer was declined. However, it can also be frustrating if your offers are being declined all the time. You have to learn from your last transaction so you can finally buy and move into the house of your dreams. Think of buying a house like dating. You may have to let go of a few keepers, endure a few sleepless nights, and return with that serious intent to grab the next great opportunity right in front of you.

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How To Get The Most From Your Listing Agent

listing agentThe real estate industry is a busy sector. Obviously, you want to work only with the best, but how can you make sure that you hired the right listing agent and you are getting the best service possible. One way would be to ask your real estate agent what their plans are for your house. Provided below are a few of the responsibilities of a listing agent when it comes to selling a property. Listing agents are different from buyer’s agents. One glaring difference is that the former focuses on the sale of a house while the latter is more about the purchase of a property. The roles of these real estate agents have evolved significantly over the years as an increasing number of people needed their expertise and as the real estate sector grew as well.

The duty of your Myrtle Beach listing agent starts when you get their services to help you sell your house. Their primary task is to check the house and assist you in making a decision as to what the asking price will be. The cost of the property should not only be attractive to you but the local market as well. The price will be based on several factors like comparable homes that have been sold off within your area and the properties currently listed, along with other extras that your home features. Remember that your house should be competitively priced so it can be sold off immediately.

The second responsibility of the listing agent is to market your home. Without the right marketing, your home won’t be checked out by potential buyers and when your home is not being viewed by as any prospect as possible, then you might have difficulties selling your home quickly. Marketing is a project that involves several levels that use different media channels to spread the word about the sale of your home. The most common marketing techniques include the MLS listing as well as being featured in the listing agent’s website. The internet plays a crucial role in marketing any property, but it must also be accompanied by offline marketing methods that focus on advertising the sale of your home within your community and nearby areas. An open house is an excellent way of introducing potential buyers to the many features of your home that cannot be seen online.

With the plans for marketing your home firmly underway, your listing agent from Full Potential Real Estate will start the process of preparing and organizing the open house for your home, along with the documents needed for any offers that will be made. In case you receive an acceptable offer, the listing agent will handle the paperwork, which is only one aspect of closing the transaction. The whole process is complicated and time-consuming, but all these will be dealt with by your listing agent.

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What You Must Know About Myrtle Beach Buyer’s Agents

Myrtle Beach real estateA couple I know just recently acquired their first home. But due to the fact that the representative representing them also represented the seller and this lead to a high level of distrust throughout the transaction. Having one agent to represent both the buyer and seller isn’t doing any favors for either party.

Though the couple ended up closing on the house, their relationship with the representative, a good friend, was ruined. “Our underlying source of tension in this case– and we are novice home buyers– was whether the agent was watching out for our best interest or the seller’s, as my partner and I were never ever 100% sure,” the couple later commented.

The couple questions whether the deal would have worked out better if they had hired a Myrtle Beach buyer’s agent to represent them in the deal.

For years, numerous property buyers have utilized a Realtor to show them readily available homes, prepare offers, and help pin down a purchase arrangement. However Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agents typically make their money from fees paid by the seller and so plainly have an interest in making a sale. They also have less incentive to point out possible flaws in a home or its specific location. It’s not unexpected, then, that a recent study by the Federal Trade Commission showed that 72% of property buyers thought the agent showing them your house represented them. However that wasn’t necessarily the case.

To improve possible confusion and dispute, a number of states passed laws requiring agents to disclosure of the duties of representatives involved in a real-estate transaction – specifically to disclose if they were a dual agent (i.e. representing both the seller and the buyer). The modifications also prompted house buyers to increasingly use a “buyers agent”– a real-estate sales representative who exclusively represents the purchaser.

By 2001, 46% of all home buyers signed contracts with a buyer’s representative, according to the National Association of Realtors, a Washington, D.C.-based trade group for the market.

The Property Buyer’s Agent Council (REBAC), a division of the NAR based in Chicago, notes that more than 33,000 purchaser’s agents are active in the U.S., serving most neighborhoods in all 50 states.

Promoting for the Purchaser

Myrtle Beach Buyer’s Agents are licensed real-estate agents. The significant distinction  between them and a seller’s representative is that they work specifically on behalf of the buyer. A purchaser’s representative may assist and negotiate with the seller for a smaller deposit for your house, help negotiate for the seller to pay closing costs or negotiate a lower purchase price. They also will assist purchasers to find a real-estate lawyer to examine the sales contracts and inspectors to analyze the home being purchased.

Cheryl Woodward, a broker with Full Potential Real Estate, attempts to assist home buyers just as a business consultant would assist a corporation. “Buyers can make the emotional choice of whether they like the house or do not like your house,” says Ms. Woodward. “But they require someone on their side to help them make a sensible corporate decision also.”

Ms. Woodward is familiar with local areas and can discuss them with purchasers. She also can offer customers with access to databases revealing the insurance-claims history of a home they wish to buy and the history of the neighborhood. In unusual cases, such information might even consist of whether any sexual transgressors reside in the location, divulged through regional versions of Megan’s Law.

“That’s certainly something that somebody with a family will would like to know about,” she says. “And a seller’s agent doesn’t have an obligation to inform you about these things. They probably wouldn’t want you to even find out of those things.”

Buyer’s representatives have access to the multiple-listing service, which notes houses being marketed through other real-estate representatives. But, since they represent the buyer, they also frequently will reveal homes that are listed as “for sale by owner” and “for sale by builder” if a buyer has an interest in a specific home.

How They’re Paid

The typical mode of payment is a commission at the time of the closing from the profits of the offer. Buyer’s representatives likewise may work on a hourly or retainer basis, much as an attorney or expert. Still, home buyers need to bear in mind that per hour costs can accumulate quickly.

When paid a commission at closing,– a normal practice in the market– a buyer’s agent naturally has an interest in having a sale close. “So the buyer’s agent’s primary motivation is still to get you to buy something,” states Michael Golieb, a Florida real-estate broker.

To lower the possibilities of other conflicts, do not employ a buyer’s agent who works for the exact same company as representatives who are listing properties that you wish to see. This is called “dual agency.”

Who Pays the Commission?

Another potential issue can develop when a buyer’s representative shows a potential property buyer a home that’s for sale by owner (FSBO). “Often the seller will state, ‘OK. I’ll pay the commission.’ Often, the seller will say, ‘No. I won’t pay the commission, you’ll need to pay it,'” says Elisa Galati, a vice president at GoneHome Inc., an online real-estate listings service.

“FSBOs are a scary thing for representatives because the real-estate deal is so complex, and any variety of things can go wrong and postpone the sale,” says Mark Hayden, a director of communications at, an online house seller. “Most of the time, the FSBO owner is unrealistic about the price and ignorant about the charges and documents that have to be expedited in order for the house to close.” Sometimes, what ends up occurring is the seller will “look for counsel from the buyer’s representative, putting the buyer’s agent in a conflict-of-interest scenario,” states Mr. Hayden.

Working with a Buyer’s Representative

Before signing a contract, prospective home buyers need to interview a number of agents and check their recommendations with present and previous customers. You also might want to call your state’s real-estate regulatory agency and ask if any grievances were submitted about your options.

Home purchasers must get the terms of the agreement in writing, with the representative’s services, rate and other costs plainly defined in a document called a buyer’s agency agreement.

Call Full Potential Real Estate, LLC today to schedule a time for her discuss being a buyer’s agent for your next home purchase.

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Why Choose Older Homes When Buying A Home In Myrtle Beach

buying a home in Myrtle BeachIf you are considering buying a home in Myrtle Beach, you may want to look at an older home. Not only because there are lots of older homes for sale in the area, but also because these homes offer unique charm and timeless beauty. And more importantly, they are reasonably priced; some even offer significant discounts.

There are different types of older homes that you can consider buying. Most of them have unique historical features, adding to its timeless beauty. They also offer some distinctive qualities that are not present in ordinary homes, unless you choose to add them through a renovation. These distinctive features include exposed brick and crown molding.

When buying existing or average homes, location and price play a major role in the home buying process. A home buyer’s agent can assist you in finding the property that will suit your needs and preferences. There are attractive and affordable older homes that are located in neighborhoods that may not be appropriate in raising children or may be inconvenient when getting to and from your place of work.

It is worth noting that the total price value of an older home is not the only expense you will need to spend money on. Full Potential Real Estate, LLC highly recommend considering further expenses on renovation and repair when you buy older homes. The great thing is you can avoid spending a lot of money in buying an older home if you spend time researching the property and negotiating with the seller.

Always have the house inspected by a professional when buying a home

Whether you are buying an older home or a new home, it helps if you hire a professional to inspect the house before you begin negotiating with the seller. The home inspection will help reveal areas that need improvement and repair on the house. You can then include these as part of your negotiations with seller.

Aside from pinpointing problems in the house, a trained and licensed inspector will also check and test all the major systems and important elements of the house to determine its remaining lifespan. You will then have information and estimates on when repairs and/or replacements are due on the house’s roofing, HVAC system, electricity and wiring, plumbing and other systems. You can use all these details and information to decide whether or not pursue with buying an older home with or without the help of a real estate agent.

Think about doing a renovation

Having the house renovated after the purchase is very common when buying a home. This is especially true if you are buying an older home that is located in a desired and convenient neighborhood but the physical layout of some of the areas of the house is not suitable for you and your family.

This is not a problem nowadays because there are mortgage loans that include the costs of renovation into the financing. Just be sure to provide the mortgage lender complete information regarding the work that needs to be done to the house. It is recommended that you make arrangements for your loan approval early to give the lender sufficient time to review your proposal.

What’s great about having an older home renovated is that it does not only improve the quality and functionality of the house, it also helps to significantly increase its value, which is beneficial when you think about reselling the house after several years.

Be sure you work with a licensed and experienced real estate professional to help you find the best older home and guide you through all the aspects of buying a home.

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Buying A Home In Myrtle Beach Through Open Houses

Real Estate Agent Myrtle BeachOpen houses have made buying a home in Myrtle Beach, SC easier especially for first time home buyers. These open houses have become an integral part of buying and selling of houses for years. Many professionals believe it will remain to be an instrumental tool in the real estate industry for several years to come. However as a purchaser, are you getting the most from these open houses? Below are important things buyers should keep in mind whenever going to an open house.

1. Open houses allow you to learn more about the house and the current state of the market.

New purchasers and first time home buyers must make the most of open houses to get a feel for the marketplace. In today’s property markets, a buyer can begin to get a feel for prices and the market prior to committing to a representative using online search devices, mobile apps and the open home. Most significantly, open houses are a few of the best methods for a purchaser and real estate agent to begin a strong and lasting professional relationship.

2. It’s alright to decline signing in but always say hello and greet the agent.

It is a common scenario for agents to come and harass buyers whenever they go to open houses for the purpose of buying a home. What most buyers are not aware of when going to open houses is that it is alright to decline to sign in. On the other hand, it’s also typical courtesy to at least acknowledge and greet the real estate agent at the open house. Keep in mind that part of the job of the home seller’s real estate representative is to check out the people coming and going to the open house. Yes, they are there to primarily sell the house. But they are also there to keep the security and safety of the property. Thus, you should keep in mind to always be polite and say hello. Introduce yourself to the real estate agent from Full Potential Real Estate, LLC and if you prefer not to sign in, politely decline.

3. Open houses allow you to observe other buyers.

If you really want to buy the house, you should take time watching other buyers while you are in the open house. This will help you determine how much competition you have in the house or if you have competition. More specifically, if you see a lot of individuals walking in and out rapidly, there is probably some problems with the house. On the other hand, if you see purchasers asking the listing agent concerns and then discussing privately with their partners or real estate agents Myrtle Beach, it might be an indication that the house is well-priced and a “hot” listing.

4. Open houses give you an opportunity to ask questions when buying a home.

Do not forget that the listing agent and real estate representative who are present at the open house are direct lines to the seller. Thus, if you want to learn more about the house or the seller, you should not hesitate to ask the agents. Surely, they must know more than anybody about the home and the seller.

If it’s a competitive market, ask questions such as: “Why is the seller selling?” “Is there a specific day to examine offers or have you had a lot of showings?” In a sluggish market, ask how long the building has actually been on the market and what the seller’s inspirations are. An excellent agent will engage you since it’s good for his seller.

5. Open houses allow you to observe real estate agents before deciding to work with them.

When considering a new physician, legal representative or CPA, you don’t get to see them in actually working until you’ve actually hired them. When thinking about hiring a real estate agent, on the other hand, you can watch them carefully as they assist you or other people in the open houses. This, thus, allows you to make the right decision regarding choosing a real estate agent to work with. If you sense the representative could be someone you might want to represent you, ask some open-ended concerns, such as “How’s the market?” and “What areas do you cover?”.

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