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How Does Your Listing Agent’s Expertise Affect A Home Sale

listing agentIf you are preparing to sell your house, looking for a listing agent must be the first thing you have to do. However, do you have an idea what the job of a listing agent is? Perhaps you have a vague idea of a person who places a sign in front of your lawn letting people know that you property is on the market. Someone who entertains potential home buyers during an open house and gives them a tour of the property. These are only a few things that a listing agent can do for you. Here are some important things you need to know about a listing agent. These include how a listing agent can make or break your sale and how you can find the best agent in your area.

Listing Agents Help Price Your Home

One of the hardest things you need to answer when selling your house is setting a price for it. Although you might find some help online like, you have to do some fine tuning after that and a listing agent can help you on that area.

Setting the right price for your house is extremely crucial. If you price it too low then you will lose out on a lot of cash. If you price way too high then you might not be able to attract any potential home buyer. Although it might be tempting to claims he can sell your house for an extremely high price, this could mean that your home would languish on the market for several months or even years. If this happens, buyers will start wondering if there is something wrong with your house and they will try to lowball you too.

Among the primary duties of your listing agent is to price your house correctly. In order to do this, he must analyze the sales prices of similar homes in your location to determine where your house should fit in. Once that is done, he will recommend what he thinks is the best selling price for your home.

Listing Agents Help Sell Your Home

Once you have determined the asking price, the listing agent will provide you with a comprehensive marketing plan that will detail how he plans to sell your property. The plan will include recommendations for home renovations and home staging, if needed, advertising, holding open houses, adding your house to the multiple listing service, and taking photos to highlight your home’s best features.

Listing Agents Negotiate With Buyers

When you get an offer on your house, it is the job of the listing agent to present it to you and give recommendations if negotiation needs to be done. For example, in case you get an offer that is way below the asking price, your reaction should be to refuse. However, a listing agent may have to negotiate with the potential home buyer and get that price up to an acceptable level. If in case the potential home buyer will not agree to the new terms, then the listing agent will sweeten the deal such as waived contingencies and faster closing date. Such kinds of comprise can help you save a lot of money.

Choosing A Listing Agent

In case you are searching for a Myrtle Beach listing agent, then you should consider some important factors. These include the number of homes they managed to sell, reviews of their former clients, years of experience, and more. Do not simply move forward with the first listing agent you meet. You have to select a minimum of three and ask some questions to help you assess if they are a perfect fit.

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How To Hire A Reliable Listing Agent

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When it comes to hiring a listing agent, homeowners often make two huge mistakes. They make their choice based on the highest list price for their house and the lowest commission.

At first, the seller may say, “Are you crazy?” since sellers typically want the highest price there is and to pay the lowest amount of commission. However, these two criteria have nearly nothing to do with hiring a reliable and competent listing agent. In many cases, they are totally irrelevant. So let us discuss why.

Highest Suggested List Price

Myrtle Beach listing agents cannot tell you the value of your home. That is a fallacy. A listing agent can show you pending and comparable sales, as well as active sales. However, you pick the sales price and a buyer will let you know if the price is perfect. An agent can recommend the list price that can attract a buyer. What happens next will generally depend on the buyer.

To get the listing, there are agents who distort the truth – because agents cannot guarantee the sales price, the listing agent who recommends the highest price could very well be lying to you. Don’t forget to ask the agent to show you any supporting numbers for their suggested listing price. In case the agent does not have any stats to present or the home sales are found in a different neighborhood, you may need to consider it as a red flag.

Search for a listing agent who can give you a range – There is usually, but not always, a price range. It may be apart $10,000 on the low-end compared the high, or the spread might be greater. Several factors determine the range including the location, market’s temperature, and home improvements.

Pricing is considered an art – the perfect time for an offer is usually within the first 30 days on the market. But the ideal period is 21 days. If your home is priced correctly, it will be easy for you to get an offer. It is priced way too high, you won’t likely see any showings; buyers will ignore your home and you will wind up lowering the price, leaving buyers thinking that there might be something wrong with your house.

Choosing An Agent Based On Commissions

Real estate agents are different. Each of them possesses their own unique characteristics and abilities. Keep in mind that around 10% of the agents will handle about 90% of the business. Each of them has their very own advertising budget and marketing techniques. By picking an agent with a significant advertising budget and company dollars to compliment it, you may gain greater exposure to more potential buyers, which is ideal. Being able to reach several buyers means you will have higher chances of getting an offer.

Why would an agent willingly work for less than competitors? – There’s always a reason why a real estate agent or a broker would discount a real estate fee. In some cases, it is the only way the real estate agent feels it is possible for him or her to compete in a today’s highly competitive business since, without it, the agent will not stand out from the competition on knowledge, service, or negotiation skills. In case the sole benefit an agent can offer you is a cheap fee, you need to ask yourself why. Why is the agent desperate for your business? Is he unqualified? Would you like to work with an agent who is desperate?

There are instances when full-service agents will negotiate a much lower commission under some circumstances like:

  • You are buying a home and selling a home at the same time, awarding both transactions to a single agent. I do not give discounts like that, but there are some agents who will.
  • You are willing to do all of the legwork like marketing, advertising, and paying for the expenses that are associated with the sale.
  • You promise to give more business to the real estate agent, which would lead to several transactions.
  • You are selling more than one home.
  • You do not have enough equity to cover a full commission.
  • The agent accepts you as a pro bono case.
  • The agent will lose the listing if he or she matches a competitor’s fee.
  • The agent would like the signage, overcharging a full commission.

In case you are interviewing agents who provide comparable services and cannot decide between them, request if you can see a track record of their original list prices as well as final sale numbers. The odds will be that the lowest free agent will present to you more price reductions and longer DOM. The difference between an agent who charges 6& and 5% is 1%. Ask yourself how you will come out ahead if your price winds up 2% lower since you chose a much lower fee real estate agent who cannot afford to market your house actively.

Importance Of Agent Marketing

Without the fancy clothing or the expensive car, a good listing agent lives and dies by marketing. Since marketing helps them sell homes. Don’t forget to review every copy of the agent’s marketing plan. What does the agent want to do to sell your home? A few of the basic ones are as follows:

  • lockbox
  • Daily electronic tracking of lockbox access
  • Professional signage, which includes the phone number of the agent
  • Incentives for office/broker previews
  • Staging advice
  • Virtual tour
  • Digital targeted marketing
  • Distribution to websites
  • Flyers for buyers
  • Four color flyers
  • Open houses
  • Direct mail
  • Introduction at Board of Realtor meetings
  • Updated CMAs after a month
  • Updates on facts, trends, as well as recent sales on neighborhood
  • Email feeds of new and competitive listings

Always remember that no single strategy sells homes. It will always be a combination of all these methods that can help you market your home.

Qualities of a Good Listing Agent

You will be in a special business relationship with your listing agent for at least a month. Pick an agent you prefer, someone who you can relate to. Here are a few of the characteristics that most sellers want their agent to have:

  • Experience
  • Education
  • Honesty
  • Networking
  • Negotiation skills
  • Good communicator

Lastly, ask for a personal guarantee. In case the agent will not guarantee performance and will release you from a listing if requested, do not hire that agent.

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How To Get The Most From Your Listing Agent

listing agentThe real estate industry is a busy sector. Obviously, you want to work only with the best, but how can you make sure that you hired the right listing agent and you are getting the best service possible. One way would be to ask your real estate agent what their plans are for your house. Provided below are a few of the responsibilities of a listing agent when it comes to selling a property. Listing agents are different from buyer’s agents. One glaring difference is that the former focuses on the sale of a house while the latter is more about the purchase of a property. The roles of these real estate agents have evolved significantly over the years as an increasing number of people needed their expertise and as the real estate sector grew as well.

The duty of your Myrtle Beach listing agent starts when you get their services to help you sell your house. Their primary task is to check the house and assist you in making a decision as to what the asking price will be. The cost of the property should not only be attractive to you but the local market as well. The price will be based on several factors like comparable homes that have been sold off within your area and the properties currently listed, along with other extras that your home features. Remember that your house should be competitively priced so it can be sold off immediately.

The second responsibility of the listing agent is to market your home. Without the right marketing, your home won’t be checked out by potential buyers and when your home is not being viewed by as any prospect as possible, then you might have difficulties selling your home quickly. Marketing is a project that involves several levels that use different media channels to spread the word about the sale of your home. The most common marketing techniques include the MLS listing as well as being featured in the listing agent’s website. The internet plays a crucial role in marketing any property, but it must also be accompanied by offline marketing methods that focus on advertising the sale of your home within your community and nearby areas. An open house is an excellent way of introducing potential buyers to the many features of your home that cannot be seen online.

With the plans for marketing your home firmly underway, your listing agent from Full Potential Real Estate will start the process of preparing and organizing the open house for your home, along with the documents needed for any offers that will be made. In case you receive an acceptable offer, the listing agent will handle the paperwork, which is only one aspect of closing the transaction. The whole process is complicated and time-consuming, but all these will be dealt with by your listing agent.

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Questions To Ask When Hiring A Listing Agent

Home For Resale Myrtle BeachIf you plan to sell your home and find a listing agent to assist you, there are several points you need to think about before making a decision. Experience is a crucial variable, however, there are other facets to consider when putting your home on the market and this includes finding a good representation. Continue reading to find out the important questions you should ask a potential listing agent before hiring one.

How often have you represented a home seller over the past year? There are various kinds of agencies out there including those that represent the seller, buyer, and those that cater to both, the dual agents. Looking for an agent that concentrates on selling homes and providing seller representation will boost your odds of having a more successful and hassle-free selling experience. Keep in mind that seller representation is different from buyer representation. This is one important thing you have to think about when interviewing listing agents.

You should also ask how many homes did the potential listing agent Myrtle Beach was able to sell in the past year. There are millions of practicing professionals in the real estate market today. Some agents work full time while others work part-time. Knowing how many homes he or she managed to sell over the past year will give you a good idea as to how the listing agent works with his or her clients.

You also need to ask about the final price of the last three listings that they managed to sell. Don’t forget to inquire about the original asking prices of these three properties. This questions will help you determine if the listing agent knows how to price a property correctly or if he or she is a chronic overpricer. This will also give you an idea as to their skills in price negotiation.

There are real estate agents who push for the biggest price reduction every three weeks after they become your listing agent. You need to hire a listing agent who will represent your interest and respect the transaction the way you do. You need to know about their success in negotiation and what their marketing practices are since these are both essential to your investment.

Where do you sell the most homes? This is another question that you need to know. The listing agent you end up hiring should know the town like the back of their hand so he or she can answer all questions or objections that a potential buyer may have. The listing agent will also be able to explain everything about your property confidently. These may include information about future developments in the neighborhood, schools, commercial establishments, transportation, and so on.

Knowing more about the potential listing agent will make you more comfortable about working with him or her. It will also help you openly discuss different aspects of selling a home like the final sale price and what you need to expect all throughout the transaction.

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Top 3 Qualities Of A Good Listing Agent

listing agent Myrtle BeachSay for instance you need to undergo a complicated surgery and you have the insurance coverage that allows you to choose any surgeon in your area. Regardless of who you will choose, you will be paying the same amount for their services. So, will you go with the one who just finished his or her residency? Or will you go with someone who has been in the medical field offering medical services for decades?

Although selling your home is not a life or death proposition, it is still considered as an important financial transaction. It deserves to be given enough time for you to conduct the needed research so you can find the best real estate agent who can help you achieve your financial goals. In case you are in search of a reliable and trustworthy listing agent Myrtle Beach who will help you sell your home, here are the top three qualities that you need to look for.

Years Of Experience

Expert psychologist John Hayes identified 500 “masterworks” from the thousands of symphonies made between 1685 and 1900. The 500 symphonies were made only by 76 composers including Mozart and all except three of these composers wrote the pieces after being in the industry for at least a decade. Hayes referred to this 10 years of education and hard work as “a decade of silence,” which he discovered was also applicable to artists, poets, and other professionals. Another research revealed that a person can be an expert in his or her chosen field after spending a minimum of 10,000 of work. So, what does this all mean? Simple, for a professional to be an expert in a certain field, he or she needs deliberate practice.

A great listing agent does not become a master negotiator or marketer by working overnight or during weekends. The listing agent who possesses the skills to sell your property quickly and for a good price spend time and effort to study not only today’s housing market but also the local economy and determine how these affect their client and the property. The listing agent has employed many different negotiation techniques over the years and mastered and perfected this part of their business.

Entertains Questions

The way the listing agent handles your questions is also important. Keep in mind that new and experienced home sellers will always have questions concerning the listing as well as the selling process. A good agent will take the time to address and explain everything in simple English so you can understand the process.

Creates A Plan That Works

A listing agent has several responsibilities, which includes marketing. Make sure that the real estate agent that you end up hiring has a proven and effective marketing plan. He also should have the funds needed to implement it. Ask for the potential real estate agent a list of his or her last three listings with photos. They must be clear and compelling. You should also check out the remarks of the agent regarding each presented listing. Is it enticing? Remember that real estate agents may try various strategies to make you list your property with them. Be sure to hire one you feel most comfortable with and you believe can best market your property.

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