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A Thorough Inspection Of Homes For Sale In Myrtle Beach

Homes For Sale Myrtle BeachWhen checking out homes for sale in Myrtle Beach, it is normal for homebuyers to do a basic inspection on the house. During this overall walk through, the homebuyer will decide whether or not to pursue with the purchase. If he likes what he sees, he will make an offer and when the seller accepts, it is now time to bring in a professional inspector to conduct a thorough look at all the corners of the house.

If you are considering buying a house and are currently looking at homes for sale in Myrtle Beach, here are some important things you may want to keep in mind when having the house you chose to buy professionally inspected.

1. Tag along in the inspection. You should consider coming along with the professional inspector as he goes through the house. Keep in mind, however, that you are there more for the reason of increasing your knowledge about the house and not for continuously pointing out everything you see. You may want to bring a notepad so you can take down notes and reminders from the inspector. Part of the inspection process is checking out the efficiency of all systems and the inspector may want to share with you some tips on how to maintain and take care of these systems.

2. Take note of the necessary repairs. As you go through the house, the inspector will point out the areas that need repairs. Note them down as well as the type of repair needed and when it should be repaired. Keep in mind that there are repairs that can be postponed until you have settled in the house and there are repairs that are needed to be done as soon as possible. Discuss these immediate repairs with the seller and negotiate how you both will pay for the costs.

3. Confirm the age of the roof. Some homes for sale in Myrtle Beach have an older roof. If the inspector cannot be certain about the age of the roof, you should confirm with the owner or seller of the house. It is critical that you know this information as this will serve as your guide on when to have the roofing replaced. On the other hand, if the roof shows several signs of wear and tear, it might be a good idea to have it replaced now than wait until the end of its lifespan.

4. Check the energy efficiency of the HVAC system. You want an HVAC system that is still good as new. If possible, it should only be a couple of years old so you can maximize its benefits. Otherwise, you will have to replace it soon. If the HVAC system is still new, make sure it is energy efficient so you will not have to pay high utility bills at the end of every month. If not, you should include replacing the HVAC system in your list of to-do’s for when you have moved in.

5. Plumbing pipes should be copper and not galvanized. Remember that the standard and requirement for plumbing pipes today is that it should be copper. If you find that the pipes in the house are still galvanized, consider having this replaced before moving in.

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Staging Options To Consider When Selling A Home

Selling A Home Myrtle BeachThe first thing your real estate agent will tell you when you are selling a home is to properly stage the house. The primary reason for this is because staging has been proven through the years to help easily and quickly sell a house, regardless of its location and age. With proper staging, any house will look appealing and attractive to its target buyers so that it will sell faster and at a higher price.

Unfortunately, many home sellers think twice about staging their homes. Most of them associate staging with spending money on major renovations. In reality, however, staging does not cost a lot. In fact, there are homes that are staged appropriately without requiring a single dime from the seller. Keep in mind that the goal of staging is to showcase its beauty and make it irresistible to home buyers. This can be easily achieved without spending a lot of money.

Below are some staging options that you can consider when selling a home in Myrtle Beach. These do not cost a lot of money. On the other hand, only one will fit your needs and budget.

• Professional consultation – A professional stager knows how to efficiently stage a home so that it will effectively attract its target buyers. At first look, they can tell you what your home needs such as a new paint job, landscaping or organizing of your furniture and other stuff. If you have a professional look around the house, they can also suggest converting a room into an office or guest room depending on your target market.

Remember that the key to successfully staging a home is to keep the needs and wants of your target buyers in mind. You are staging the house for them, to attract them. That is why it is necessary that you focus on their needs. If you are targeting small families, you will have to make the house look child-friendly. There should be enough rooms for all the members of the family.

• Partial staging – This includes a little bit of staging work on the home and is highly recommended for homes that are still in tip top shape. If your house is just a few years old and is relatively new, you do not need a lot to do to be able to make it presentable to home buyers. But because you are targeting specific home buyers, you need to make the house appeal to their needs.

Partial staging basically includes converting one bedroom into a home office if you are targeting young professionals or vice versa if you are targeting small families. It can also include removing or replacing some furniture to make the house more presentable and attractive. Other times, a house only needs thorough cleaning and some organization.

• Full staging – This type of staging is recommended for homes that need some repairs and renovations before being listed on the market. In addition to this, investing in new furniture is also necessary before selling a home. When doing a full staging, on the other hand, many professionals would recommend focusing on the kitchen and bathrooms as these are the rooms that most home buyers will primarily look at. And often times, these rooms are the decision makers for the home buyers. How they see the kitchen and bathroom will make or break their decision to buy the house.

However you choose to stage your home, it helps if you work with a professional. Call Full Potential Real Estate, LLC now for professional assistance in staging and selling a home.

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Tips To Sell Your Home Quickly

Real Estate Myrtle BeachThe National Association of Realtors (NAR) has recently reported that existing home sales are seeing an upward trend, almost 9 percent more than that of last year. If you are planning to sell your home, this may perhaps be the right time to do it as more buyers are now in the market looking for houses which they can buy. This article aims to provide you with some tips that can increase both the curb appeal as well as the value of your home so that it can fetch a higher price in the marketplace.

#1: Home Staging

As a home seller, you have to prepare your home for sale in the marketplace. Home staging helps to make your home have a high level of appeal to a large number of potential buyers. NAR reports reveal that about 81 percent of real estate agents agree to the point that buyers visualize staged property more frequently as their future residences. Transforming a home into a welcoming abode costs only an average of $675 and is definitely well worth the effort according to these reports.

It helps to stage your living room, kitchen, master bedroom and dining room in that order to realize the highest sale value for your home, according to NAR. The rooms that really do not matter much include the bathrooms, children’s and guest bedrooms in that order according to the report.

#2: Recording Maintenance History of Your Home

Existing home buyers of today want to move into ready-to-occupy apartments that are well maintained. In this context, tech-savvy home-owners are now creating digital online maintenance histories of their homes using services such as Provision for inclusion of details such as the floor plan, maintenance records, warranties, residents’ association information, etc., among others are present in these applications. This helps the potential buyer to have a full understanding of the efforts that have gone into the upkeep of your home as it stands today.

#3: Enhancing Curb Appeal

The exterior visual appeal that a home creates is of utmost importance in creating a desire in the mind of the buyer. A home with enhanced curb appeal attracts potential buyers. The owner of the HomeStaging Institute, Portland Oregon, Carrie-Denise Cheshire opines that simple improvements such as a freshly painted exterior/front door, a manicured landscape, clean walkways, yard without clutter, etc., serve to increase the curb appeal instantaneously.

#4: Upgrading Your Kitchen

It pays to remodel your kitchen to a small extent to add value to your existing home, says a 2015 study conducted by the Remodeling Magazine. New buyers are particularly impressed by eat-in facilities in the kitchen; new, modern and stainless steel appliances; and granite countertops, according to NAR.

Other impressive features include changing/upgrading window treatments, according to Cheshire. My personal choice would be to go for wooden blinds that would cost you less than $100 in a majority of cases. Painting the kitchen wall white if the kitchen is dark, changing wooden cabinets, and installing new flooring such as tile/bamboo are cheap options that would enliven an otherwise worn out kitchen. These improvements can produce an enhanced effect almost immediately and add value to the house being sold.

#5: De-cluttering Your Home

De-cluttering our home is of utmost importance before you put your home up for sale. A tidy and organized appearance increases the value of your home instantaneously. Cleaning up the toy room, and dusting the baseboards, drapes and upholstery, cabinet doors, and even the air vents positively impresses the buyer. A clean and well maintained home is easier to sell opines Kelly Hager, CEO of a real estate agency in St. Louis and St. Charles, Missouri

#6: About The Flooring

Clean up your old carpet or replace it with a new one. A prospective buyer would instinctively turn away from a source of allergy in the house. It also decreases the visual appeal

Hardwood flooring appeals to buyers the most, say NAR reports. However, there are other types of hardwood floors that are a close second. Ceramic tile flooring or laminated surfaces that resemble hardwood floors are cheaper and effective options. If you already have hardwood flooring, it is a good idea to refinish the floors before you put it up for sale. The cost for this would depend on the floor area and its current condition.

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Top Staging Tips To Help You Quickly Sell A Home

Selling A Home Myrtle BeachMany real estate experts in Myrtle Beach agree that the key to quickly selling a home is proper staging. When a home is properly presented to its target buyers, it will receive lots of purchase proposals. And the seller’s problem will be deciding which proposal to accept.

Remember that each buyer is looking for something specific in each house they look at buying. On the other hand, if you know who your target buyers are, you will find something in common among them and you will be able to effectively stage the house so that what they are looking for is highlighted and focused; thus, enticing them more to make that offer.

There are certain important things you need to remember when staging a house that you are selling.

1. Increase the curb appeal –Keep in mind the saying, “First impressions last”. This applies to houses as well and buyers make their first impressions the minute they step out of their cars and set foot on the driveway. The first thing they will see is your lawn; thus, you want to make sure that they will like what they see.

You don’t have to do a major renovation or spend a fortune on your landscaping. Simply tidying up your flower beds, mowing your lawn, and cleaning up fallen leaves and debris will do the trick. Just keep in mind that your front yard should be as presentable as the rest of the house. Also, do not forget about the repairs that need to be done. Some buyers not only look at the lawn, some also spend time to check whether the sprinklers are actually working or not.

2. Keep the house clean and tidy – Selling a home that is clean and organized is easier than selling ones that seem to be forgotten and untended. Of course, buyers will want to buy a house that they can easily continue to maintain and take care of. They are not looking for a house that will take them days or weeks to tidy up. Plus, all the debris and clutter are covering the true beauty of your home. No one appreciates a dirty house. This is why it is important that you keep the house clean and tidy at all times. Keep in mind that some buyers come unannounced, so you want to make sure that the house is in tip top shape at all times.

Do not just focus on cleaning floors and cabinets. Make sure there are no stains on the carpet and there are no unpleasant odors throughout the house. Making the windows shine as well as the kitchen and toilet fixtures sparkle also add to the natural beauty of the house. These will make the house seem newly built and; thus, more buyers will want to make an offer.

3. Avoid doing major renovations These will only cost you a lot of money that you are not sure you can recover after selling the house. Keep in mind that what seems beautiful and appealing to you may not be the same with your target buyers. They have their own style and design that they want to do with the house they are buying. If you are keen in doing renovations, focus on more important ones such as replacing worn out flooring and damaged fixtures, repainting, making repairs.

4. Refrain from buying furniture – A home rarely sells because of the furniture in it, unless the furniture is included in the deal. When selling a home, you should focus on highlighting the best feature of the house. Such as the fireplace or the spacious family room. Furniture and decorations are there to complement the space. Adding too much of it may divert your potential buyers’ attention from the real and natural beauty of the house. And you want them to see that because that is the primary reason they are looking to buy a house. Furniture and decorations, they can always go out and buy them after moving in.

For more staging tips to help you in selling a home, call Full Potential Real Estate, LLC today.

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